Performing their 1979 hit song 'We Are Family' Sister Sledge got the Miss World audience dancing and singing along...to what felt like a global anthem. Then Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017, took to the stage for her final walk looking stunning as she prepares to pass on the Miss World Crown to her successor.

Then the time came to announce the new Miss World!

1st Runner Up - Thailand

Miss World 2018 is MEXICO

Taking her place as Miss World Americas is Panama.

Joining the Continental Queen family is New Zealand as Miss World Oceania.

Now all these ladies get to travel with our new Miss World, Vanessa Ponce de Leon, on the Miss World 2019 Beauty with a Purpose tour.

In another surprise announcement this evening all five Beauty with a Purpose finalists will also be joining the tour.

"FULL LIST The Winners Of Miss World 2018"

MISS WORLD 2018 - Mexico

1st RU : Thailand

1. Mexico
2. Thailand
3. Uganda
4. Jamaica
5. Belarus

MISS WORLD 2018 - Official TOP 12
1. Mexico
2. Thailand
3. Uganda
4. Jamaica
5. Belarus
6. France
7. Scotland
8. Martinique
9. Panama
10. Nepal
11. Mauritius
12. New Zealand

MISS WORLD 2018 - Official TOP 30

Miss World 2018 - Beauty With a Purpose Winners
Congratulations to Nepal, 2nd Place Indonesia and New Zealand, 3rd Place Vietnam and Mexico

Miss World 2018 -  People's Choice Award Winner - Thailand

Miss World 2018 Best Talent - Japan

Miss World 2018 Top Model - France

Miss World 2018 World Dress Designer Award - South Africa and China

CONGRATULATIONS All Winners, Thank for Your Participation in Voting - See you at Miss World 2019💗

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