House of Lords and River Thames Cruise

With under two weeks to the Miss World 2019 final, the contestants were treated to an inspiring river tour of the London, the best city in the world.

Today, we visited the House of Lords. And there is no better way to travel than along the River Thames under a crisp blue sky. The Miss World national ambassadors boarded for a River Thames sightseeing tour thanks to City Cruises, giving them the perfect opportunity to capture some of London's most famous landmarks.

Contestants set sail for the House of Lords

Joining us for the cruise were representatives from the UK media all looking for the iconic picture of the largest gathering in London of international representatives from around the world.

Departing from St. Katharine Pier near Tower Bridge, the sightseeing river tour took the contestants to Westminster Pier. Here they were led to The Palace of Westminster and through Black Rod’s Gate, the official entrance to the House of Lords. Once inside they were greeted by Baroness Floella Benjamin OBE.

Hello London

The contestants were then given a special tour of the House of Lords led by Baroness Benjamin who gave an insight into the history of the House of Lords, the second chamber of the UK Parliament.

Then it was time for a quintessentially English afternoon tea on the terrace at the Palace of Westminster.

During the tea of sandwiches, cakes and scones with cream and jam, a British tradition that dates back 100s of years, the contestants were addressed by Floella Benjamin; Julia Morley; reigning Miss World Vanessa Ponce de León, Miss World Guyana representing South America; Miss World Botswana representing Africa; Miss World Scotland representing Europe; Miss World Nepal representing Asia & Oceania; Trinidad & Tobago representing Caribbean, who spoke about their personal experiences and how these influenced their ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ projects.

Afternoon tea on the terrace

Floella spoke to the contestants about her life. She explained what being a member of the House of Lords meant to her as the first women from Trinidad & Tobago to be a Baroness and her philosophy for success - Consideration, Contentment and Confidence and urged everyone to make a difference and the world a better place.

Julia Morley thanked Floella and said: “We are privileged to all be together and share this moment. We care and respect each other. I'm so proud of you all. Kindred spirits among everyone today. It's a great honour to be in this incredible place and even better than you are sharing it with us.

Vanessa explained: “My year as Miss World has changed me completely. I think that building communities will save us, you are a community now and will help each other around the world. So, be united as we all need each other, hope will make us go forward. In a couple of weeks, it’ll be time for one of you to step in, but I'm here for you. Good luck, I'll be your big sister.

Miss World Guyana: “All the children in this world need to be given chances. It doesn’t matter where they come from. Together we can make that happen.”

Miss World Botswana: “You are all worthy and here for a purpose, Beauty With A Purpose.  Please be kind to one and other and remember that everything happens for a reason. The Palace of Westminster is the most iconic and democratic place I have ever visited.”

Miss World Scotland spoke about the power of communication: “ Thank you. After listening to everyone and seeing this place, we are all feeling super inspired.  Communication is one of life’s greatest gifts. We can all make a difference through the power of communication.”

Miss World Nepal: “I’m so grateful to be here, it’s so inspiring. This is a celebration and the beauty of Miss World is treating people with respect. One step at a time we will make this world better. I am feeling so humbled.’

Miss World Trinidad & Tobago: “I’m so moved by your words of wisdom. We are growing and together are a force to reckon with. Thank you for all the sisters I now have around the world.”

Baroness Benjamin finished the afternoon by explaining that no one could leave without a ‘Floella’ hug. It was then off to catch the river cruise home and take in the sights of London by night.

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