Young leaders inspired by Miss World 2009

Over sixty students attended the ‘Balance For Better’ workshops organised by the Mayor of Gibraltar and Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino, Women in Business Gibraltar and the Department for Education. This took place at the Garrison Library on 4th March. The focus of the workshops was gender equality in various areas such as education, career progression and pressures students might face, social media and even recycling - areas in which gender division seems unexpected. Students expressed their views in lively discussions.

“Workshops led by The Governor, The Mayor, Lewis Stagnetto, Pat Orfila, Mark Randall and NyreenLlamas opened up conversation on interesting issues and inspiring anecdotes. Despite being held under the banner of International Women's Day, over a third of those attending the workshop were young men - a promising figure, illustrating something that has been hard fought, that gender equality is an issue for all genders.”

A publication will be compiled of the action points and resolutions that resulted from the workshop. It will also contain the ‘thought books’ that students were encouraged to produce on gender equality.

At a reception for the young participants, Kaiane thanked them for their contributions. She expressed that they had demonstrated “great enthusiasm and generated interesting and thought provoking ideas during the workshops.” The Mayor encouraged them “to be the best version of themselves, as they go forward in their chosen paths” and stated that the current leaders needed “to hear their voice” to ensure a better-balanced future for the next generation.

Many of the young students felt it was important and beneficial to have open and honest discussions with experienced local leaders and their peers. They are keen to attend similar debates in the future too.

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