This is the story that’s never been told

Since it began in 1951 Miss World is still the biggest international beauty event on the planet! Now in its 69th year 130 nations compete for the famous blue crown. The Miss World Final is televised live in more than 100 countries and is followed at its peak by more than a billion people on social media!

Every crowning of Miss World is the start of a new chapter, a chapter that signals the shift from beauty pageant to global humanitarian programme - focusing on the most sick and disadvantaged people in the world with hundreds of millions of dollars raised for good causes and tens of thousands of unique humanitarian projects completed. This is the story that’s never been told. A story that unites 130 young women as they embark on the humanitarian journey of a lifetime.

For the first time in its history, the Miss World Organisation allowed camera teams to follow this special journey of Manushi Chhillar the 67th Miss World from India for 10 weeks as she visited Beauty With A Purpose projects on an epic 250,000 mile journey.

All six episodes are available in English, Chinese and Hindi. Click here to watch this incredible journey.

Episode 1 No Taboos
Manushi Chillar returns home to a tumultuous welcome as the newly crowned Miss World and with the Miss World team embarks on a humanitarian journey with spectacular results.

Episode 2 The Golden Bridge
On her first overseas visits Manushi stars in the biggest TV show in China and the team travels to Indonesia for a life changing encounter.

Episode 3 Hurricane Force
An emergency call from the British Virgin Islands takes Manushi and the Miss World team on a mission to rebuild a hurricane ravaged school for disabled children and a visit to the USA breaks a fundraising record.

Episode 4. Leprosy unveiled
The team fly to Brazil to raise funds for children with genetic disorders and Manushi heads a new campaign in the fight to eradicate leprosy.

Episode 5. Learn Coach
New Zealand welcomes Manushi and the team to promote an incredible project that has transformed education in the whole country.

Episode 6. Mandela’s Homeland
In the final episode Manushi and Miss World CEO Julia Morley are guests of the Royal House of Mandela for the 100th Birthday celebrations for Nelson Mandela in his home village of Mveso with several surprises in store. And it’s finally time for the 67th Miss World Manushi Chillar to hand over the BWAP mantle to the 68th Miss World, Vanessa Ponce De León!

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