Miss World Belgium 2019 Crowned

Elena Castro Suarez succeeds Angeline Flor Pua on being crowned Miss World Belgium on Thursday 10 January 2019. First Runner Up went to Names representative, Elodie Duchesne and Aline Elsermans, from Antwerp, won Second Runner Up. The competition was hard, with thirty contestants vying for the national title. Elena also won the preliminary Miss Charity award, which garnered her significant points in the final.

Elena speaks about her triumph,

"It's amazing and beautiful! Everyone was very strong. I will represent Belgium as I should. I am Miss Charity and I intend to apply this during the year…I’ve been dreaming of this crown from a very early age. Now it is reality.”

The Miss Belgium National Director was pleased with the result. She says: "Like Angeline Flor Pua, Elena is a rough diamond. She has a light temperament; she is friendly and kind to other people." Online news site, First Order Historians, report that the contestants spoke well on the stage. They gave interesting and surprising facts about themselves, in their introductions. The final 12 contestants spoke eloquently on societies’ greatest role models too.

The show was hosted by Former Miss World Belgium, TV and Radio host, Virginie Claes and Belgian Actor, Patrick Ridremont. Angelopedia Journalist, Irina Silva, reports,

“The finale witnessed amazing performances from, not just the delegates, the entertainers and artists as well. Miss Belgium definitely got a new queen who is deserving of praise and glory. Congratulations to the newly crowned queen!”

Elena is a 19-year-old Law student from Antwerp. She is a high standard dancer and likes cycling.

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