Miss World 2019 Contestants Visit Mikado at the English National opera

Today the Miss World 2019 contestants were guests of the English National Opera to their production of The Mikado, a classic in its own right.

For some of the contestants this was their first time at the opera, and you could feel the expectation in the air.

Before entering the venue, we caught up with Miss World USA. She said: “I am a performer myself and I love story telling through music. I used to sing opera when I was younger but switched over to musical theatre, I think it’s still absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to hear today’s performance”.

It was very relaxed, not only for the Miss world contestants but also adults and children with autism, sensory and communication disorders or learning disabilities who had been invited to join us for this special performance. Everyone had the opportunity to get to know each other before the performance and throughout was  accompanied by laughs and endless applause.

Miss World Georgia told us that all the contestants were amazed not only by the voices but also the scenery and costumes, she explained: “It was so much fun, but it was so much more special because today because it’s my birthday. And what better way to celebrate it than coming to the opera in London”.

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