Miss World 2019 Head to Head Challenge Group 1

The Miss World Head to Head Challenge returns!


Tune in on Sunday 24 November at 14:00 GMT and watch the action unfold as the first five groups compete in the first Head to Head Challenge of Miss World 2019.

One of the Miss World fast track events, the 2018 Head to Head Challenge received more than a billion views on the Miss World Website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and MobStar accounts!

This year, presented by reigning Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon and 2016 Miss World Stephanie Del Valle, the Head to Head Challenge provides an exclusive and in-depth look at every single Miss World national representative.

The global audience will have the power to choose their favourite, who will advance to the second level of the Head to Head Challenge.

In stage two, the winners from each group will face off, against another contestant, to earn their place in the Miss World Final 40. In this section, the contestants will show their skills as an advocate for their ‘Beauty With A Purpose" project.

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