The Omenaa Foundation, Poland

I am in Poland for two days to attend the charity ball organised by Miss Polonia, the Omenaa Foundation and Hotel Narvil and take part in a photoshoot to promote the ‘Every shirt helps’ campaign.

Through ‘Beauty With A Purpose’, Miss Polonia has been working with the Omenaa Foundation to raise money to build a school for street children from the Don Bosco centre in Tema, Ghana.

This non-profit organisation normally focuses on spreading tolerance across Poland but is currently working on the biggest project they’ve done so far - building a school for children in Ghana to get a better education.

In Ghana, children from poor and disadvantaged families can often be found working or on the street begging for money or food instead of going to school. Don Bosco provides these kids with shelter, regular meals and the opportunity to learn in the makeshift premises of the centre, where they sleep, eat and spend the remaining time daily. But what they miss is a real school.

One of the fundraising projects, the ‘Every shirt helps’ campaign partners with famous designers to create a line of shirts and sell them, with all proceeds going directly to the charity. This year’s designer is Maciej Zien, who picked a white, black and brown theme.

To publicise the shirts, which go on sale from 14 November and spread the ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ message, we appear on national TV and take part in a photoshoot. We were joined by Omenaa Mensah, founder of the Omeena Foundation, TV personality Malgorzata Rozenek and reigning Miss World Poland, Milena Sadowska.

Before I know it’s day two. It’s an early start as myself and Milena we are off to an interview on a national TV morning show. We aim to get the ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ message across and to encourage people to donate to the building the school.

It was one of my best interviews of the year and the hosts were really interested in the projects that we support through ‘Beauty With A Purpose’. We also had a laugh and a joke, and they even made me sing, that has never happened before!

After the interview we had a couple of spare hours and since it’s my first time in Poland we decided to become tourist, our first stop The Palace of Culture and Science. This is the highest building in Poland, and it hosts several other institutions like libraries, cinemas, theatres and of course the Congress Hall, where Miss World was held in 2006.

Hunger takes us to Old Town Market Square, where we see the ‘Mermaid of Warsaw’ or ‘Syrenka’ is a symbol of Warsaw, represented on the city's coat of arms. Legend says she is the protector of the city because some fisherman rescued her from captivity, but there are many versions of this tale.

We sit in a restaurant right in the middle and order Pierogi, the traditional Polish dumpling. The meat flavour with the cream on top is heavy but worth it, also the cottage cheese and potato is a must...we finished our meal to the sound of a man playing an instrument, singing softly.

Then it’s time to go back and get ready for the gala and the charity gala. The venue is elegant and beautifully decorated, we go through the red carpet and take photos with the guests and everyone is excited to participate and gives us kind words.

The evening starts with some words about the work of the Omenaa Foundation before I’m called to the stage. I wish I could understand everything they are saying but unfortunately, I only smile and nod in all the right places. Then I say a few words about how privileged we are to live the life we have and how we have a responsibility toward the rest of the world to make things better and try to improve the lives of people around us.

Before the auction starts, we have dinner and a wonderful singer delights us with energizing songs. The auction consists of 12 items, all of them have a special value. From driving fast cars with a national racing icon to a signed shirt of a famous football player. There is something for everyone. You can feel the emotion as we get started.

Right at the middle they bring out a painting from a Mexican artist and I can’t resist to go and say something, so I take my chance. I take the microphone and ask the guests to bid for it and to support Mexico. And it works and we get one of the highest prices of the evening.

I then can’t believe my ears as a second painting comes out and it portrays famous Mexican artist Frida Khalo, my favourite. I explain to about Frida’s life, how she lived through the revolution, how she overcame disabilities and endless pain, how her art showed the freedom that can be owned only by the ones who create it themselves.

Her famous quote, “Why do I want feet if I have wings to fly” closes the bid with the highest bid of the night...I am so happy.

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