Miss World Peru 2019 Crowned

Angela Escudero took over the Miss World Peru reign from her predecessor, Clarisse Uribe, on 18th August 2019. Sixteen contestants were selected for the national final, which was held at the impressive Huaca de Puruchuco in Lima. It was broadcast by Cable Peru TV and live streamed via their Facebook page.

Special guests at the final show were Miss World 2004, Maria Julia Mantilla who represented Peru, Miss World 1967, Madeline Hartog Bel who represented Peru, Miss World Peru 2013, Elba Fahsbender, Miss World Peru 2012, Giuliana Zevallos and Miss World Peru 2003, Claudia Hernández.

Angela is a 23 year old Industrial Engineer who represented Piura. She garnered a lot of support from citizens of the region and represented the city with pride! Piura News reported on her journey during the months leading up to the national final. They state,

"Angela has promoted her work extraordinarily via the media and social networks. She undertook a series of presentations and preliminary competitions in our city, as part of the Miss Piura contest. She excelled in the sports competition and the jury interview. Moreover, she has a poignant Beauty With A Purpose project, which has always been the most important aspect of the contest."

Angela states,

“I consider myself a persevering, supportive and authentic woman. I like to be productive, which is why I decided to create my own brand of vegan and organic products called 'Mother Earth' at the beginning of the year. As well as developing spiritually and professionally, during my reign, I have the desire to be the spokeswoman for my land, culture and roots and to represent the Peruvian woman abroad. I am very focused on achieving this great dream of all Piurans."

Angela will now enjoy a year of appearances in her new role and will represent Peru, along with 130 contestants from around the world, at the three-week festival and 69th Miss World Final.

The highly-anticipated Miss World final show will be broadcast globally to over 150 countries, where global fans can watch reigning Miss World, Vanessa Ponce de León, pass the crown to the 69th Miss World.

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