Miss World Europe is 'Good Morning Belarus!' Presenter

Miss World Europe, Maria Vasilevich, is the new face of Good Morning Belarus! On Belarus 1 Channel.

Maria is happy in her new career and with her bright and early 6:00am start. Maria has told the Miss World Organisation about her new role:

“This is my first experience of live broadcast TV presenting. Beforehand, I had only performed at concerts. It was at a concert that I met my Good Morning Belarus! Co-host, Yevgeny Perlin and had a trial presenting with him. When I was informed that we would be presenting Good Morning Belarus! Together, I was very happy. I think we’re on the same wavelength!

It is a dream come true, working with a wonderful team, starting the day with the whole country and sharing the mood and energy with the audience.

I’ve toured and learnt about the TV studio and learnt that TV presenting is not always straightforward. It is just the beginning and I’m keen to learn and improve. It is reassuring to be working with wonderful colleagues who always support me.”

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