Keep the Girl Child in School

 Julia Morley, Chairman and CEO and reigning Miss World, Vanessa Ponce de León have been on a six-day tour of Uganda to visit the ‘Keep the Girl Child in School’ ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ project set up by Miss World Africa 2018 Quiin Abenakyo and projects supported by the Miss Uganda Foundation.

On visiting one of the schools, Vanessa said: “Meeting these girls was such a humbling experience. Education is one of the most important things in life as it gives us an understanding of the world around us and is our passport to the future.

“It’s been such an amazing experience to have the opportunity to visit Uganda and to see the difference that Miss World Africa 2018 Quiin Abenakyo’s ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ project ‘Keep a girl child in school’, a campaign that supports girls who drop out of school as a result of pregnancies and child marriages.”

During the visit, Julia Morley Chairman and CEO pledged to work with the Miss Uganda Foundation to make sure the girls get access to education and computers so that girls who are not in school because of pregnancies can continue their studies at home.

Julia explained to the girls about the work that is being done to help support them, she said: “Special ladies who at the moment are not going to school, don’t worry about it because we have a solution. The babies that you are going to give birth to are very precious, for you and the future of all of us. There is a computer that allows you to be at home and continue your studies. So please remember that we are working with the Miss Uganda Foundation to get you these computers so that you can learn at home while waiting for your babies.”

According to the Uganda Demographic Health Survey (UDHS) 2016 report, 25 per cent of adolescents aged 15-19 in Uganda have begun childbearing, and therefore unable to complete their education.

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