Julia Morley and reigning Miss World arrive in Busoga

Julia Morley Chairman and CEO and reigning Miss World Vanessa Ponce de León have been given a tour of Busoga by Miss World Africa 2018, Quinn Abenakyo and The Rt Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of Parliament.

They started the day visiting the work being done by Quinn’s ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ campaign ‘Keep the Child in School’. The project, which received government support in January, aims to empower young girls by keeping them in school and preventing teenage pregnancies. Quinn said: “It’s sad to see girls drop out of school and has asked local leaders to step up their efforts in keeping the youngsters learning.”

Then it was off to climb the famous Kigulu Hill in Buyende, believed to be the first settlement in the Busoga region. Therefore, the hill and the surrounding areas have a historical attachment to the formation of Busoga and before proceeding to the climb visitors have to greet the caretakers of the rocks, who live in grass-thatched huts.

Safely back down, the team joined Veronica Kadogo MP to launch free cancer screening for women. The medical camp has been set up to assist all women found to be suffering from cancer, taking care of their transport to Kampala and covering the full costs of treatment.

Speaker Kadaga thanked Julia and Vanessa for visiting Uganda, their continued support to keep girls in school through the 'Beauty With A Purpose' global humanitarian programme and asked them to spread the word to tell the story of Uganda's beauty.

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