Happy Songkran สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์

Songkran marks the start of the traditional Thai New Year andis Thailand's most famous festival. It’s also recognised as the world’s biggest and most famous water festival!

The traditional Buddhist festival is celebrated every year between 13 and 15 April, unless the dates are modified by an official government announcement.

Also known as the water festival, Songkran celebrates water as a ritual of washing away negativity from the year before. People celebrating Songkran take part in a traditional pouring of water that symbolises washing away bad luck and sins from a person’s life.

Across the country people take to the streets, with big cities like Bangkok hosting  street parties and water fights. The most famous is called Silom where thousands of people soak each other with water guns, balloons and anything they can get their hands on.

Although the celebration of Songkran may have evolved, a lot of Thai people still use this holiday as an opportunity to head to their hometowns and spend time with their families and relatives. Buddhists, on the other hand, visit temples and pour water on the images of Buddha and on the hands of Buddhist monks as a sign of respect.

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