Back in Mexico for the first time…in my own words

As I take my seat on the aeroplane, I can’t believe I am leaving so soon. I’ve had the craziest most wonderful time back in México.

The day we arrived I was so nervous. We landed and right on the gate there was the team of Miss Mexico Organisation, I hugged them hard but had to run to get changed for the media conference.

I stepped into a room and could hear mariachi music and can see a huge group of reporters were waiting for us. The press conference begins, they ask me about the crown, how it feels to be finally back home, what do I expect from this new year and adventure. But I’m shocked about all the questions about Beauty With A Purpose, how it operates on such a global scale and how we will spend the year travelling around the world to support the amazing projects.

As we leave people start singing ‘De la sierra morena cielito lindo vienen bajando’. I can’t hold the tears, it’s the most iconic Mexican song and it’s more important after the earthquake. This is the song Mexican people used to sing to people trapped in collapsed buildings to let them know we were with them and would never give up trying to rescue them.

Back outside I was shocked how many people had gathered. Everyone screaming my name and saying welcome, singing and asking for photos. Then my mum and the rest of the family and friends waiting for me and I start crying again.

Basilica de Guadalupe

After lunch we head to the Basilica de Guadalupe. This is the holiest church in Mexico and where the virgin of Guadalupe is praised. Inside there is a cloak that has the virgin’s image, this cloak is famous all around the world because she appeared to an indigenous man named Juan Diego in 1531, the virgin asked that a shrine in her name be built on the spot where she appeared. Juan Diego told the priest about the request, but he didn’t believe him and demanded a sign before doing it. Then the virgin asks Juan Diego to collect roses in his cloak, he took them to the priest and when he opened his cloak the image of the virgin was imprinted in it. This cloak is still in perfect condition, even though it’s displayed on the basilica.

We believe this virgin is the mother of all Mexicans, our faith in her is blind. For me, she has a very special meaning. When I was a child my brother fell ill, and we didn’t know if he was going to make it. I still remember my mum praying on her knees every day, facing the wall, asking for my brother to heal, to let him live and to let her love him. One day she said she saw the virgin appear on the wall, the next day they told her that my brother was safe and would go home soon. We took it as a miracle and were forever in debt with her.

As we walk inside the bishop greets us and lets me stand right behind the cloak. He takes my hands and places them on the feet of the virgin. It’s one of the most emotional moments in my life. I know she knows what is in my heart, she knows all my fears, my flaws, my dreams. But most of all she knows my mission, I ask her for strength for this coming year and thank her for my brother, without her he wouldn’t be with us.

Cocktail party with 200 guests 

Back at the hotel and we get ready for the cocktail party. I’m very excited that I’ll be able to spend time with my friends and family. Julia Morley gives a wonderful speech to the 200 guests and says that we should go with the name of “magnificent Mexicans” the people go crazy, they love her and start calling her aunt Julia. Then it’s my turn to say a few words and my mum joins me on stage. Everyone is so happy, and I take so many photos I lose count

It’s almost midnight and I manage to leave the party to have dinner with my family.

Meeting the president

Next morning, we are heading to the national palace to meet the president. I keep saying I’m not nervous, but my stomach says otherwise. I can’t stop thinking ‘what’s he going to be like’ or what ‘will he say’ and will he help me with my Beauty With A Purpose project?

The building is iconic, the paintings on the walls are from the Mexico’s most relevant artists and its architecture tells the history of our nation. We get in, pass security and enter the meeting room. Before I get the chance to become even more nervous, the president comes out smiling. He sits down and makes us feel welcome. Our conversation goes very well, he is genuinely interested in my Beauty With A Purpose project and commits to help me accomplish our goals with the indigenous community. He tells us that we should have a meeting later to plan. I can’t control my excitement.

As I leave, I feel even stronger. I have the support of the most important man in the country and feel certain I can do great things for the kids in Na Vali and for all México.

Media tour

After that we start the media tour. Two days of interviews with newspapers, tv shows and magazines. The first question is always: “Why did you go to Miss world?”

I didn't go to Miss World to compete as a beautiful woman, I went to compete as a role model, speaker, volunteer and on my ability to make a change. Because that's what I can control, that's where I can learn and grow. This is my mission.

I take the opportunity to explain that ‘beauty runs deep within’ and there is more to every contestant and that our purpose is not to build egos but to empower women and help them make a difference to disadvantaged people around the world.

I’m extremely tired but happy that the message of Beauty With A Purpose and Miss World is all over México. After the last interview we go straight to the airport, on the road again. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and it’s only just begun.

México. I already miss you.
World. I’m ready for you.

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